Game Development

by Maxim Zavadskiy

United blog entries from 2 parts I had.

Final project and links

Posted by Maxim Zavadskiy on 14 January 2013, 9:01 PM

Project with binaries (!bin) and sources -

Youtube screencast -

week 9 - MonoDevelop

Posted by Maxim Zavadskiy on 16 February 2012, 12:52 PM

I got some time and I see that the course in not graded yet. So I will go for MonoDevelop and will spend 1-2 hours watching tutorials. Let's start.


1.MonoDevelop Tutorials: Installation:

I did the installation already so there's nothing especially new for me.

2.MonoDevelop Tutorials: Graphical user interface

I suspect that the IDE looks similar on all the platforms because it uses some common GUI framework on all those platforms. It is GDK maybe..

Yes I see that MonoDevelop like other IDEs I saw have pretty similar GUI  and features. THe differencies are usually in detailes, like where I can find each feature/command in GUI and existing of special features in the IDE. But I see that it's those detailes that make people love one IDE or another.

3. MonoDevelop Tutorials: Workspaces, solutions, and projects

Aha, Seems one thing is a liitle different in MonoDevelop: apart from workspaces and projects it also has Solutions! That might be useful.

4. MonoDevelop Tutorials: Configurations

Treat warnings as errors was new thing for me. I haven't noticed such in other IDEs.

5. MonoDevelop Tutorials: Compiling and running

Nothing new or interesting. Same things almost in the same place as in other IDEs.

Ok I went through all the tutorials but I am not that satisfied with them to be honest:(. The things that were shown are quite intuitive and common for many IDEs but I have found just  a couple of "candies" or special features  in video lectures that differ one IDE form. I am sure there're much more in MonoDevelop. But Eclipse lecture was much better - many interesting and convenient things were shown which made me like very much that IDE. Ok that is probably my most short diary but just in case I will submit it too.


Time spent: 1h


The Lerpz poject

Posted by Maxim Zavadskiy on 13 February 2012, 6:05 PM

Here I am putting on the Web the Lerpz project that I did during the third week. Sadly I forgot to upload it there and now I cannot edit that journal entry because it's still no graded. So temporaly it will be here.

For the notes that I did during development please see week 3 journal entry. Binaries are in !bin folder for both Windows and Mac(untested). Enjoy!

Attached files Attachments 1

The Lerpz (47.2MB) - Download

Conclusion - self-evaluation

Posted by Maxim Zavadskiy on 05 February 2012, 10:58 PM

I like this course, especially that lerpz project. I didn't expect that big portion of software/game development tools, like debugers, profilers but it was all helpful. But I expected more of game programming itself. I see also there's a game programming project course that I think is the right one for me.

But now I have to go for the most boring stuff in the course - self-evaluation.

 1."Which of the course objectives you have reached?"

I think I did all the course course objectives well or even fine in some cases. But wait! Not all, it seems! I cannot say for sure that I can do this: "include debugging information into C# programs". Probably I simply don't understand that sentence. Does it mean inserting logging to console lines or smth else? I am also not sure about "understand how attributes are used to create NUnit test cases". Are things like TestFixture that we put before the test class mentioned here? Sadly I don't have time to check that for I am at very deadline. 

Also as I said previously I haven't studied MonoDevelop and VisualStudio tutorials well, so I can't say for sure that I met objectives related to those IDEs but I think I am familiar with MonoDevelop and especially with Visual Studio.

2. "In your personal opinion, explain

  • what have you learned during this course.
  • what kind of knowledge you have obtained?"

I am now familiar with a notable game engine, Unity. And I now know what to expect from other game engines. I studied useful tools that are convenient both for SW development and Game development.

I gained mostly pure practical knowledge, with a lack of theory beyond it. E.g. I know a tool, like Unity but I don't know how it works actually and what's it's architecture. But the topic about profiling is a good example with some theory inside it and that should be also applied in Unity's case.

That lerpz project that I did is smth that I can show to my possible employers to demonstrate some of my skills but sadly things about other topics are not so easy to show. Would be much better if we could apply all those things on the project while doing the course.

3."Give yourself a grade from 0-5 (0=failed,5=excellent)

  • based on reaching course objectives
  • based on personal effort you have put to this course (How many hours?)


I will give myself a 4 based on reaching course objectives. Firstly, because I always live some space to make things more perfect and I know I can always do this better than I did. If I would give myself 5 that means I am so satisfied with my result's that I don't see the way to make it better. A bit of philosophy...:). Also as I mentioned I haven't did the whole course but probably I will do that topics about MonoDevelop and VisualStudio soon.

Totally I spent about 45 hours doing this course but I still will do those two topic about IDE so it might go up to  55. Probably the amount is not correct because in one week's topic it seems I haven't counted the time so I simply took around 6 h for it. But in the course specification it  is 80 hours!! Does it mean that I did 45/80= 0.56 of the course with a grade of 3?? - Maybe but I had some experience in SW development and programming before the course so I knew much of things before the course. Well I see that I can work harder on the course, e.g. developing the lerpz project further. Ok I'm giving myself 4 based on personal effort.

I think that I did the course very well and even with some effort applied;). I am sure that the time and efforts that I spent on the course certainly worth it. A GREAT thank to teachers of the course and to all the participants!

week 6 - Know Your Hammer: Introduction of some IDEs (Eclipse IDE)

Posted by Maxim Zavadskiy on 05 February 2012, 12:23 PM



This is the last topic of this course:(. After that I just need to provide some feedback and that's all. I hope the content of the last topic will be fascinating. So, what I have... I see that I can choose one IDE of 3 to examine: Visual Studio, Eclipse or MonoDevelop. But where's the introducting itself?! I expected some articales or even video lectures about IDEs in general when I will undertand what is IDE, how it works and the most importand thing - classification of IDEs and most notable examples. I am more that sure there're plenty of IDEs and probably my favourite one or the one that will be favourite for some particular type of work does not belong to these 3. But  what I am waiting for? I will study that missing part myself! Let's google and read! To be honest I never did that although I dealed with some IDEs, like CodeBlocks IDE quite a lot. Now I think I will expand my point of view and probably will find another, even more convenient IDE.

I beginned with Wikipedia - The wiki article was a bit boring. Many of the wikisa are too formal I would say. I didn't studied much new from taht article but it leads to There are just plenty of comparasion tables for each programming language - quite boring. And no word in classification and also most notable IDEs are not mentioned. From those table of features I see that one of most powerful ones are CodeBlocks, NetBeans, Eclipse. I also see that MonoDevelop is not in the last place. I see that my teacher was not wrong when he advised me to look at Code::Blocks. But I still not satisfied with my understanding of IDEs, let's look on other articles... OK from what I see in the articles most of most notable IDEs support usually many languages but were designed only for a few originally. Again Eclipse, NetBeans and also Geany worths looking at closely. OK, I will start from Eclipse and maybe then go for MonoDevelop and finally will have a look at Visual Studio, a very short look because I am not going to use the product at this time that is beyong the freedom. So Eclipse...

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse IDE Video Tutorial part 1 : GUI (12 min):

I have seen in the beginning that there're different kinds of Eclipse for each programming language. Did I get it right that the core of Eclipse is the same in each case but it only has different plug-ins in each case? I installed the IDE in my Ubuntu distro as easy as going to SW Center and clicking install. There was just one Eclipse available, it seems that it's kind of universal build.

Ups, it seems I don't have plug-ins for C++ installed, only for Java. I need to fix it..

Wonderful!  I installed the missing C++ package for Eclipse and when I restarted it I see both Java and C++ Development links. I am beginning to love Eclipse.

The Eclipse layout looks natively and is similar to other IDEs which is great. I even think that among developers of IDEs there're some conventions or standards about IDEs.

The Eclipse UI looks fine and convenient, probably I like it even more than that of Code::Blocks IDE or NetBeans. But what a huge list of things appear when the right click in code-editor is done. That's too much to feel comfortable.



Perspectives are useful thing that I didn't use in CodeBlocks. Probably it's not there. In MonoDevelop it's called Layout I think.

Eclipse IDE Video Tutorial part 2 : Projects and Workspaces (6 min):

One idea that came to my mind when I was watching about Debug and Release targets: cross-platform support. It seems that at least with no special plugins it's not supported, i.e. from the beginning we bind the project to some toolchain e.g. GCC. But what if we would like to develop a cross-platform app using wxWidgets GUI? It's not convenient to create separate projects for each platform. In CodeBlocks I solved this by creating different targets, e.g. WinRelease, LinuxRelease.

Hm.. I wonder why Eclipse is restarting when I select another workspace? Did I get it right that all the settings including layouts are specific for each workspace?

Eclipse IDE Video Tutorial part 3 : Working with project (11 min):

 src source folder.... I always see the same folder names like src, bin etc, when browsing some open-source project. Is this some kind of convention or standard among developers? Probably there should be something about that on the Internet.



I didn't understand why Eclipse cannot clean or suggest cleaning a project when we move source files. Probably it can be done with plugins.

So what if I will delete some file occasionaly? How can I get it back?

Eclipse IDE Video Tutorial part 4 : Adding classes and refactoring (19 min):

Most of the stuff there I have used in CodeBlocks too but probably not auto include. Well actually it will be much more convenient if Eclipse will place includes as soon as we mentioned some class in the code. The method showed in the tutorial is partly manual but still more convenient than doing everything yourself.


OK I have watched all those tutorials and I see that Eclipse has almost the same apperance and behaviour as CodeBlocks. I suppose that once I learned some IDE, like CodeBlocks, studying another won't be a challenge because all of IDEs are pretty much the same.

The tutorials were informative but I would be much better if all the features are demonstrated on one small but real-life related project (calculator e.g.) during it's development process.

Well I think that what I studied from those tutorials meets the specification stated in the topic:

  • Setting up a working hierarchy of workspaces, solutions, and/or projects in the IDE.
  • Setting up and using different configurations for example debugging and release phases of the project.
  • Adding, creating, (re)opening and deleting files in a project.
  • Building, rebuilding, and cleaning projects.
  • Running and debugging projects.
  • Adjusting project and solution settings to meet your requirements.

Now I will go for Coclusion topic where I will write a couple of words about the course and after that I will look maybe at other IDEs.


Total time spent: 3:48


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