Game development studying Whole by Maxim Zavadskiy: Game Programming Basics 2 : The Lerpz poject

The Lerpz poject

Posted by Maxim Zavadskiy on 13 February 2012, 6:05 PM

Here I am putting on the Web the Lerpz project that I did during the third week. Sadly I forgot to upload it there and now I cannot edit that journal entry because it's still no graded. So temporaly it will be here.

For the notes that I did during development please see week 3 journal entry. Binaries are in !bin folder for both Windows and Mac(untested). Enjoy!

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The Lerpz (47.2M) - Download


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I cannot find the Lerpz Project on the archive, same with the week 3 journal entry. I also want to share my newest game I created it is called slither io, you can download it for free and you won't need any emulators to play the game. Download here
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