Game development studying Whole by Maxim Zavadskiy: Game Programming Basics 2 : Conclusion - self-evaluation

Conclusion - self-evaluation

Posted by Maxim Zavadskiy on 05 February 2012, 10:58 PM

I like this course, especially that lerpz project. I didn't expect that big portion of software/game development tools, like debugers, profilers but it was all helpful. But I expected more of game programming itself. I see also there's a game programming project course that I think is the right one for me.

But now I have to go for the most boring stuff in the course - self-evaluation.

 1."Which of the course objectives you have reached?"

I think I did all the course course objectives well or even fine in some cases. But wait! Not all, it seems! I cannot say for sure that I can do this: "include debugging information into C# programs". Probably I simply don't understand that sentence. Does it mean inserting logging to console lines or smth else? I am also not sure about "understand how attributes are used to create NUnit test cases". Are things like TestFixture that we put before the test class mentioned here? Sadly I don't have time to check that for I am at very deadline. 

Also as I said previously I haven't studied MonoDevelop and VisualStudio tutorials well, so I can't say for sure that I met objectives related to those IDEs but I think I am familiar with MonoDevelop and especially with Visual Studio.

2. "In your personal opinion, explain

  • what have you learned during this course.
  • what kind of knowledge you have obtained?"

I am now familiar with a notable game engine, Unity. And I now know what to expect from other game engines. I studied useful tools that are convenient both for SW development and Game development.

I gained mostly pure practical knowledge, with a lack of theory beyond it. E.g. I know a tool, like Unity but I don't know how it works actually and what's it's architecture. But the topic about profiling is a good example with some theory inside it and that should be also applied in Unity's case.

That lerpz project that I did is smth that I can show to my possible employers to demonstrate some of my skills but sadly things about other topics are not so easy to show. Would be much better if we could apply all those things on the project while doing the course.

3."Give yourself a grade from 0-5 (0=failed,5=excellent)

  • based on reaching course objectives
  • based on personal effort you have put to this course (How many hours?)


I will give myself a 4 based on reaching course objectives. Firstly, because I always live some space to make things more perfect and I know I can always do this better than I did. If I would give myself 5 that means I am so satisfied with my result's that I don't see the way to make it better. A bit of philosophy...:). Also as I mentioned I haven't did the whole course but probably I will do that topics about MonoDevelop and VisualStudio soon.

Totally I spent about 45 hours doing this course but I still will do those two topic about IDE so it might go up to  55. Probably the amount is not correct because in one week's topic it seems I haven't counted the time so I simply took around 6 h for it. But in the course specification it  is 80 hours!! Does it mean that I did 45/80= 0.56 of the course with a grade of 3?? - Maybe but I had some experience in SW development and programming before the course so I knew much of things before the course. Well I see that I can work harder on the course, e.g. developing the lerpz project further. Ok I'm giving myself 4 based on personal effort.

I think that I did the course very well and even with some effort applied;). I am sure that the time and efforts that I spent on the course certainly worth it. A GREAT thank to teachers of the course and to all the participants!


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