Game development studying Whole by Maxim Zavadskiy: Game Programming Basics 2 : The second week.

The second week.

Posted by Maxim Zavadskiy on 10 December 2011, 4:40 PM

Wow, when I had a look at an assigment I understood that I know only few things to do this. Sadly I haven't been able to be present at the first course and I didn't realize that already in the first course Unity have been taught. Now I have to catch up with my grop mates. But from where to start? I had confidence in Software Development but I know so little about game engines! Ok, I think that I have to download the tutorial from Unity website: I'll follow that and will look at this at the same time: But I think that I have to read some overview of scripting and game engines. I found this and I will look at that lectures. But now I'm downloading that Unity3D and tutorials so I'll wait until it's complete. I'll try to run that on Linux with Wine but maybe it will better to do that on Windows. We'll see.

Oh no Wine doesn't work! It seems I need to install some stuff there and tweak smth but I simply don't have enough time so I have to give up and install it on Windows. I'll try then to run it on Linux.


Wow it's my first run time of the Unity. Looks fine! As usual I like to get familiar at first myself and only then have a look at the documentation. Ok it's not that simple and intuitive for me, I was not able to find e.g. where to input the code. I'll look at tutorials.

Oh no! I forgot to save the diary and some info is delete. Ok, in few words I did the part of the tutorial for 3-4 h and I really enjoyed this! Now back to assigments! I'm attaching a couple of screens of my work process.

Ok, let's start studying doxygen! I tried to run Unity in Linux but it's to slow there because of problems with DirectX. So I gave up and decided to do all the stuff in Windows. I have to install nant there and stuff.

Why to document the sourcecode: Yeah I heard many times it's needed. But.. Personaly me I'm too lazy most of times to write comment's. I usually put the comment's when I feel that the solution or meaning of smth will be probably forgotter. But! It always turns out that actually I fogot much more things so I have to force mysrlf to document stuff.

It's cool that unlike Javadoc, Doxygen is usable for many languages!

And Again! Alternatives of Doxygen were not reviewed. That makes me feel a bit binded, like we just have to use Doxygen and that's all. Maybe it's not the best tool?

how to configure Doxygen: Well I wonder why XML style is not used in config files there like in nant build files:)?

How to write Doxygen comments: So e.g. about C++, if I will write cimments like //.... then the Doxygen will miss that? Can we cinfigure to parse that comment's too? I think it would be conveniet.

Well about comment's itselfs. That commenting style we use to generate Doxygen docs, is this a standart way to write comments, it this a convention between programmers? In general are there exist some standart on how to write comment's actually?

Personally for me the documenting syntax is not intuitive and elegant. It make the code dirty I think and when I'm coding it disturbs my attention from the code itself. I haven't checked that but imagine how it wold be nice to have a feature in IDE "hide all comment's"!

Ok, the lecture was simple and almost everythings was clear. I'm curious which stuff I will get when asking the Doxygen to generate UML things and diagrams.

So let's start the hacking:).

After dixygen installation the running from CLI doesn't work. I need to change PATH.

Ok I will do first brush-up excersice as a warm-up. Ok fine, I decided to use this C stile /**    */. I like it more than others

I was using Mono Develop which was installed with Unity. Oh! It's so inconvenient! I'd better will use Eclipse or NetBeans or CodeBlocks.

Doxygen generates nicely looking html stuff, cool! I see that modules shoun't be used for grouping members, beause it's then gone to global paragraph of documentation. I ahve to use member gropus instead.

When I tried to use dot to draw diagrams, it was unsuccessfull. I don't knwo what the problem is.. Again no time to find out why. Probably because of one class only.

Now the assigment itself. Let's comment thins! well, I don't know much about those files attached but I think it will be easy to undestand the code.

There're several cs files attached to comment. But I don't undestand where in the game they are used and how they are integrated in the engine. Maybe those things were explained in previos course which I missed. I'll try to manage this.

Interesting thing! I haven't found some files to comment in the Unity project! How can I comment these if I don't know how they are used actually?

Ok, it seems those files are used in the task 2. I asked my groupmates to do 2nd task because I don't feel confident to do it. But I'll try. So I'll do the first part and will comment needed files and will make a doxygen automation.

I haven't found ShipFuelTrigger.cs in attachment. I'll download the solution and will take it there. Hm actually there isn't many things to comment:) But it's for learning purposes, so... Ok, read some things about scripting in Unity and now I understand those scripts.

Fine I commented out those four files (I haven't found ShipFuelTrigger.cs, my gruopmates will create it tomorrow when they will do the second task). I generated the docs and saved a config file. Now I have to automate this with Nant. Just one command, nothing more.

Ok, I made it work after 30min.

Oh I forgot to made an end to this diary:) So the things continued on this way. My groupmate Joonas did the second task concerning continuing the Lerpz game and I did the first because at that time I still didn't feel so confident about Unity. At that time I requested some assistance from Anssi Gröhn and with his help I get a lot of things about Unity and scripting. Thank tou again, Anssi! We did the most of the second task together but we haven't had enough time to do the last paragraph. So I tried to do it myself. The problem is that I attached box and wheel colliders to minecart but I didn't join them so it crashed every time. I will study how to join box and wheels and then everything will work then! I will probably describe my work with minecart in the next week's diary.

It was a very interesting and even challanging module for me. I begin to love game development more and more.

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