Service subscription

An organization can place an order to take the service into use via the attached form.

Taking the service into use

The service will be available within two (2) weeks after placing the order.



Service pricing (valid from 1.1.2020 onwards)

Opening fee

The opening fee of the service is 250 € / institution.

Usage fee

The yearly usage fee is dependent on the type and size of the organization. For example, for educational institutions, the number of students and personnel are added up. In other words, the usage fee is not dependent on the number of created user accounts.

Organization type: Upper secondary schools, vocational institutions, polytechnic institutions, universities, companies and trade organizations.

Organization sizePrice
0-500 100 €
501-1500 525 €
1501-3000 1050 €
3001-5000 1575 €
over 5000 2625 €


Organization type: Adult education institutions such as community colleges, education centres, physical education centres (sports institutes), summer universities and associations.

Organization sizePrice
0-500 100 €
501-1500 262,50 €
1501-3000 525 €
3001-5000 787,50 €
over 5000 1312,50 €


Organization type: Projects (will be evaluated case by case)

Usage fee from 1500 €.

Organization type: ELY centres and TE offices

Usage fee from 525 €.


Extra services

There are no extra services available from on 1.1.2020.