Terms and Conditions of the Kyvyt.fi site

By using the Kyvyt.fi site the user is agreeing to the Terms and Conditions given below.

Obligations of the Site Administrator

Discendum Oy (hereafter Site Administrator) is responsible for the technical implementation and maintenance of this site. The site is carried out at a safe host, and reliability and safety have been central elements when implementing the site. The contents of the site are backup copied daily. The backup copy is made in case the whole site would have to be recovered, for example because of a technical error. Individual user contents are however not recovered, which means that the user is responsible for making backup copies of his/her contents, for example by copying his/her portfolio on to a private computer.

The Kyvyt.fi site is updated regularly, which will cause some interruptions in the usage of the site. The Site Administrator will endeavor to provide at least 2 weeks notice of any scheduled outage.

The Kyvyt.fi site is based on a Open Source software called Mahara. The development of Mahara is continuous, which means that the Site Administrator fully can’t exclude different errors or deficiencies in the development of the software. These might occasionally affect reliability and data security of the Kyvyt.fi site.

Discendum Oy commits to immediately fixing possible software errors that affect the quality of the Kyvyt.fi site. Discendum Oy is however not responsible for direct or indirect damage, that can be caused by using the Kyvyt.fi site or because of the errors or deficiencies of the Mahara software.

The Site Administrator has no rights to the Kyvyt.fi users’ materials, information or data. The users are responsible for all material they create and the Site Administrator will not check if the material offends copyright or law. Users are encouraged to report objectionable material or inappropriate behavior to the Kyvyt.fi Site Administrator immediately. Based on the reports, the Kyvyt.fi site staff will investigate the issue in a timely manner. They can ask the user to remove objectionable material or suspend or remove the user.

If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions above, please feel free to contact the Site Administrator immediately.

The obligations of the user

The Privacy Statement should be considered an extension of these Terms and Conditions and should be read by all users.

The Site Administrator suggests that the user saves his/her portfolio on to a personal computer before remove account from Service, so that it may be reused in the future.

All files and content the user uploads are subject to Finnish Copyright legislation. The user is responsible for ensuring that he/she has the appropriate permissions to reproduce and publish any work that is not his/her own.

Users must not use their portfolio to store or display offensive material. If the Site Administrator receives reports of any objectionable material within a portfolio, the account will be suspended and the access to the Kyvyt.fi site frozen pending an investigation.

If the Site Administrator receives reports of any inappropriate behavior on a user’s part, where it relates to Kyvyt.fi, the account will be suspended and the access to the Kyvyt.fi site frozen pending an investigation.

Inappropriate behavior includes misuse of the objectionable material reporting system, intentionally attempting to load files with virus content, placing objectionable or excessive feedback or comments on any other users’ portfolio and any other behavior deemed to be nuisance or offensive by the Site Administrator.

The user of the Kyvyt.fi is responsible for the contents of his/her portfolio and the consequences of publishing information in it (e.g. unsolicited contact).

Any misconduct in behavior from users of the system should however be reported to the Site Administrator immediately.

The Site Administrator may occasionally make minor adjustments to the Terms and Conditions to reflect changes to the system and in response to user feedback. The Site Administrator will notify users of any major changes to the Terms and Conditions via the Kyvyt.fi log in page.

Data Protection Statement (in Finnish)