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In short                                                                            

 I am Jarmo E. A. Heinonen (PhD, LicSc), born 1959 in Helsinki. Married to professor Marina Heinonen (PhD, docent) and a happy father of three daughters Sara (born 2000), Meri (born 1998) and Satu (born 1990). I am very proud of them.

The research is at my responsibility and I actually search for topics in the area of restaurant, hotel and travel management to be developed by students and teachers. All possibilities are wellcome, especially those related to food research, research methods, research development and conjoint methods.

My past in short include doubling the sales at a World Wildlife Fund shop, two first places with the yearly report of Kemira at the Helsinki Stocks Exchange annual report game. Development of a client registry of 38 000 for Restel Ltd and research marketing and product developemnt of Finnish food industry at Credere. I also studied marketing and business administration both at the University of Rhode Island and University of California Davis. I had a chance to be as a founder of scout association Mankkaan Eräsudet ry and to be one of founder members for Tapiola Junior chamber.

My hobbies are scouting, hiking, fishing, classic guitar playing, tennis and organizational activities. Also repairing cars and houses, travelling, writing, drawing as well as interest in all new, including personal development.


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