What is Kyvyt.fi?

Kyvyt.fi is an ePortfolio service where users can build and maintain an electronic portfolio. A great variety of tools for producing and saving content can be found from the service. However, all material doesn’t have to be saved to the service as the user can utilize artefacts in their portfolio pages that are located in other cloud services such as YouTube, Google Drive, Prezi, SlideShare, Picasa etc. 

The user documents and reflects their own skills and know-how for example by collecting and organizing artefacts and for example by keeping a learning journal. The user creates pages and collections and publishes them to the people they want to. 

As a social web application, Kyvyt.fi offers its users the possibility to network with other users. The service’s group-feature makes it possible to create and utilize for example different kinds of peer- and project groups.  


Kyvyt.fi and technique

Kyvyt.fi is a SAAS-service (Software As A Service) developed and maintained by Discendum. It has been implemented based on an open source application called Mahara and the newest version of it is always behind the Kyvyt.fi service. On top of this, Discendum is constantly doing its own product development so Kyvyt.fi has a lot of features tailored for Finnish educational institutions. Discendum is an official Mahara-partner.


Integration to other systems

Kyvyt.fi can be integrated to Optima- and Moodle learning environments and users register primarily through their member organisations’ learning management system.


Free for users

The use of Kyvyt.fi is free for a user who has received their username information through some member organisation. The user can still use the service even if they leave the original member organisation. Therefore, the user has the opportunity to develop and maintain their electronic portfolio after graduation / a course or when moving from an organisation to another.  


What kind of portfolios can be made?

The user can create different types of portfolios in Kyvyt.fi depending on what their needs are. People have used Kyvyt.fi in creating for example these types of portfolios:

  • Development portfolio: save your learning and development and make them visible to others
  • Showcase portfolio: entities of your best competencies
  • Final thesis / project: a portfolio as a part or creation of a final thesis /project
  • Planning and guidance of studies: forming PSP, following and guiding 
  • Work search: job applications, CV’s, Europass and work samples 
  • Work-based learning: work placement diaries, work placement reports, feedback from the work placement supervisor, guidance for the work placement
  • Project work: collaborative projects with other students and educational institutions


Benefits for educational institutions

Kyvyt.fi is a learning environment, where teachers, student counsellors and work placement supervisors can support, guide and assess their own students or trainees. A portfolio can be a great benefit for students who are looking for a work placement or a job and it is important that the educational institution supports students’ portfolio activity.

In studies, Kyvyt.fi can act as a place to showcase your skills and know-how and also as a tool for guiding regarding teachers. Because of its openness, Kyvyt.fi can be used as a work placement environment, where not only teachers and students can get in but also the work placement supervisors as well as other representatives of the working life. Also, the openness supports the co-operation between educational institutions as well as networking. In addition, it makes it possible to lead a project in a shared environment. Kyvyt.fi is a reliable, affordable and cost-efficient service that is easy to adopt. 

On top of all these benefits, it is important to highlight that it would be good to learn how to develop your own portfolio already during studies with the support of a teacher or a student counsellor. These kinds of skills are very important when thinking about lifelong learning. 


For whom?

Kyvyt.fi is an ePortfolio service meant for Finnish educational institutions, educational organisations and associations. The target groups are:

  • upper secondary schools
  • secondary vocational institutions
  • polytechnics
  • universities
  • liberal adult education institutions (adult education centres, workers’ institute etc.)
  • educational organisations
  • associations

If your educational institution has the service in use, you can get the username information through them. As of now, private persons can’t get username information for the service.